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Featuring the Fine Art of Jack Carl Anderson and Michael Tolleson  

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Featured Artists

Michael Tolleson

An Autistic Savant Artist, Author, and Advocate   ​     

To create his prolific works of art, with no formal instruction in art, Michael relies on his Aspergers-mind. During his short-painting-career (less than 5 years) he has painted more than eight hundred gallery-worthy paintings. Regardless of its size, paintings are usually completed in less than 120 minutes. As a result, Michael is reluctant to take credit for his work, believing his savant autism is actually the artist within him. Until his mid-fifties, Michael was unaware of his autism. In 2015, at the age of fifty-eight, he was formally diagnosed with Autism. 

Jack Carl Anderson

"Illuminating The Void"

Jack Carl Anderson in a Minimalist/Abstract Expressionist Artist.




In addition to being an artist, Jack is also an art mentor for students on the autism spectrum.

Gabriela Buenrostro Solorzano

Soy Gaby Black!


Hola, saludos, mi nombre es Gabriela, soy mexicana, radico actualmente en San Miguel de Allende, en el estado de Guanajuato, Mexico.

Algunas de mis pasiones son:

El arte, los viajes y la comida.
Trabajo diferentes materiales y    

tecnicas al realizar obras.

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